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Tacticool Premium Kit, Money Kit and Eggbox Hack. Get them now for free!

Premium Kit, Money Kit and Eggbox hack for Tacticool is much easier to use than it is to pronounce. These resources are necessary if you want to improve and stylize your character. At one point in the game, once you start playing more seriously, you will have to personalize your play style and make it unique so that it has a specific, dedicated role that your team can benefit from. Unless you have Premium Kit and Money Kit, this can be hard to achieve.

Sure, you can just play the game without using Tacticool hack but playing it that way, it's going to take a lot of time to get where you would normally get in just a matter of minutes with the help of Tacticool cheat for free Premium Kit, Money Kit and Eggbox.

Normally, resources like these are obtained either through hours and hours of grinding or by spending some money in game. Both options are okay. Playing the game for resources is fun and it doesn't really feel that grind the at all since the games good but some people might not like it. It's especially boring if you have a specific play style in mind that you can't achieve it because you lack resources to do that.

That leaves us with paying for resources which again, isn't going to work for some people. First of all, not many people have that much money to spare and this game can be rather demanding and what it asks of you. Just like every other free to play game, the resources are not cheap to purchase which makes sense to be honest since the game is free, they have to earn money one way or another and because not everyone is going to even consider purchasing resources, they have to be expensive enough for them to be profitable.

The third option is to hack Premium Kit, Money Kit and Eggbox for your Tacticool account using our generator. All of these resources are easy to obtain and the entire process only takes a couple of moments of your time. You do not have to pay for anything and you no longer need an active subscription to use any of our tools. What we do ask of you is to complete a couple of minutes long offer at the end of your hacking attempt in order to claim the Premium Kits, Money Kits and Eggboxes that you have hacked.

How to use the Tacticool cheat?

To use Tacticool cheats, simply follow my instructions. I'll try to give this as brief as possible to save both your and my time. This game has three resources, you can expect to find three controls each bearing the name with one of the resources that you can get. Press or touch a control with the resource name that you want to hack (ideally you can hack all three resources at the same time and you probably should) and choose the amount of that particular resource that you want to be added to your account when the hacking completes.

You can enable anti ban which is additional security option that you should not leave disabled. Security comes first and even though anti ban will increase the time required to hack the game, it almost guarantees for your account security so best thing to make it enables. After this, provide your username and choose the operating system that you're playing the game on and press "generate" button.

Allow the hack sometime to process your request and shortly upon completion, you will be asked to complete an offer. All of these offers have instructions written underneath explaining what exactly you have to do before you get access to your resources. So, in order to grab Premium Kit, Money Kit and Eggbox that you've hacked for your Tacticool account, complete one of these offers.

If you ever run out of any of these resources come you can come back and repeat the entire process to get more.


Hack Options

Select whether or not to use a proxy and add Money Kit/Premium Kit.



Human Verification

Before we can add the upgrades to your username we need to VERIFY that you are human and not an automated bot. This helps us prevent abuse of the hack.

  1. Download 2 apps from the list.
  2. Follow the instructions bellow every app.
  3. Restart your game and check for your upgrades.

All upgrades will be added instantly upon completion.