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Series Your Story Universe hack for gems and tickets. Grab them quickly and easily at Game Glitcher.

The game series series known simply as "Series" is rather popular lately. In fact, statistically these games are the ones that are sought out the most and our hacks for games like Series Your Story Universe are among the ones that have been used for the highest number of times. And I can see why that is like it is because these games are fun to play.

You are presented with a number of stories that you can choose to play and how the story unfolds is completely up to you. It is clear why stories like these are popular among players since there is a story suited to pretty much everyone's taste. If you're into stories and, who isn't, then you most likely love this game.

There is a problem however and you are most likely aware of it since you're here looking for a way to hack Series Your Story Universe and get free gems. Gems are the games premium currency and the game is very greedy when it comes to them. It pretty much ever gives you any gems and it constantly asks for more and more. But how to do it? Isn't this game all about the story?

In fact, the game is all about the choices in the stories and some of the obviously best choices unlocked with gem requirements so in order to make those choices you have to have enough gems on you at that moment otherwise you are forced to make a choice that you not like simply because it is the only one that you can make leaving you stripped of your choices in a game that is all about those.

Series Your Story Universe hack has been made primarily to grant the player an option to always have enough gems to make all the choices that they want to make as we believe that in a game which is all about telling your story and making your choices freely, that is the most important thing.

Tickets on the other hand are similar but not as precious. You get those as time passes and they are used to unlock new stories which come with more gem locks choices so, you see the relevance between the two. I'm going to show you how you can hack both gems and tickets with our cheat tool for free in just a couple of minutes. Are you ready?

Get gems and tickets for free with Series Your Story Universe cheat!

Gems and tickets are easy to come by when you know how to do it and that's why I will explain you the basics. First you have to tell the generator how many gems and tickets you want to have. You can get up to 1600 gems and 37 tickets at one time. These "limits" are placed here primarily for your protection because the first thing that most of the players do when they are given the choice how many resources to hack, they punch in as many nines as the form can hold and this, you agree with me, doesn't look that plausible when somebody like game administrator is checking your account and you are most likely getting banned if you have this.

If for whatever reason you are not happy with these numbers, you can always use the generator for a second time and double the number of resources that you're getting. In fact you can repeat this process for as many times you want until you have all the gems in the world if that's what you're after but, we would advise you to spend the ones that you already have before getting a new batch.

Moving on to the next step is your identity or more specifically, explaining the generator where to send the resources hacked. When you hack gems and tickets for Series Your Story Universe, our cheat tool needs to know who to send them to and before you are able to receive them, you have to give it your credentials. Username or the email associated with your account is required as well is information about your operating system. Choose the operating system that you're playing the game on and confirm your selection by pressing the generate button.

Once you do this, the hacking process will start and after it completes, before you can claim your gems and tickets, you must complete an offer. These offers a reason to complete and you'll be told exactly what to do so just follow the instructions and you will be over in no time. To make it clear, none of these offers require payment so don't worry about not having any money. It would be stupid to ask you for money when you could just use the to purchase gems and tickets.

After this is been taken care of, you can rerun the game and enjoy the benefits of free gems and tickets for a very long time. If your supply runs dry, feel free to come back again and repeat this process to get more gems and tickets for your account for free!


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  3. Restart your game and check for your upgrades.

All upgrades will be added instantly upon completion.