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My Story Choose Your Own Path hack for Free Diamonds and Tickets

Now that you're here, you will undoubtedly want to hack free diamonds and tickets for My Story Choose Your Own Path. If it happens that you found this while searching for a similar thing online, then you're in the right place because this is exactly what it seems to be. If in the other hand you don't know what My Story: Choose Your Own Path is, do let me tell you a little bit about it.

It is a game about choices, consequences and following through many well-written stories. They can all be experienced in random order, they do not have anything in common unless the story is a direct continuation or an origin story of an already existing one. All of these stories can be experienced simply by downloading and running the game although the speed at which you can complete a story and the amount of direct control that you can assume over those is directly influenced by the games currency's, tickets and diamonds.

What are tickets and diamonds in My Story: Choose Your Own Path?

The game relies on these two currencies to somewhat limit what you can do as a free user. This is a normal practice but that doesn't make it any less irritating.

are used whatever you have to make an important decision. Having diamonds will usually allow you to save everybody, call on your inner strength to win a battle, win an argument against an exceptionally well spoken individuals and get the most desirable outcome in general.

on the other hand will influence what stories you can play. It is very simple, if you don't have tickets you can't play a story. It is basically like paying for a ticket for a movie. No ticket, no entry. It is as simple as that.

How to get diamonds and tickets for free and is it safe?

Because these resources are so precious and literally necessary if you want to play the game, this hack for My Story: Choose Your Own Path has been put together and made publicly accessible to everybody.

If you are reading this far into the description to find the ways to use this, then you should just scroll back up, look for the video and play it. There you can find the exact procedure required to operate this tool which will give you free access to large amounts of both diamonds and tickets.

This will work every time you use it. There is no limit as to how many times it can be used for specific account. We have made its like this on purpose so that everybody can enjoy their game is much as they want. The process is simplified as much as it can be and it requires only the most basic interactions that you would see in any other program.

Should you have any problems with the hack, remember that everything that you need to know is shown in the video so the best thing that you can do is to re-watch the video until you've got that little detail that you've missed but as we've said before, it really isn't that hard and it was made specifically so that everybody can use it.

Also last but not least, you should not be concerned about your safety although it is perfectly normal and healthy attitude to be. For as long as you use of the Anti ban option, your privacy and security is guaranteed so make sure you undergo that extra step to make sure that nothing, absolutely nothing can happen to your account. If you don't want to use it, you should be fine as well however we strongly recommend and we cannot stress out just how important it is for you to use anti-ban no matter how certain you are that nothing will go wrong. It is better to prevent than to have to fix it later.


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