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Become the made man with Game Glitcher's Mafia City hack for free gold!

Mafia city hack for free gold arrives on Game Glitcher. We have had this game on our list for a long time and recently we decided to take a closer look and try to make everybody needs and that is of course a way to get gold for free in Mafia City. Thanks to our cheats you can now get up to 21,000 gold without having to pay for anything.

But why would you want to do that? This is because the gold is a premium currency in this game. It pretty much dictates how you play and what you're able to do. If you don't have enough gold, then you're falling behind the ones that have enough of it. The game allows you to get gold by paying large sums of money for this currency through the in app store but not everyone is able to afford some of these transactions. To be fair, not everyone wants to do this since their money can better be spent elsewhere.

Of course, if you're enjoying Mafia City and you've been playing it for dozens of hours then you should consider buying something and letting the game developers know that you like their game. A small contribution goes a long way so keep that in mind and consider purchasing something eventually.

Of course, if you're not able to do that there is always the alternative. Mafia City hack is here to cover you and take care of all of your problems by giving you all the gold that you will ever need. If you want to learn how to grab it for free, just read on and follow these instructions.

Getting free gold with Mafia City hack is easy

It is truly easy and you can do it right now. If you haven't done this kind of thing before, don't worry about it because everyone can learn how these things work in just a couple of moments. What you want to do is to look for a label called "Gold" on this page and press it once you have found it.

Doing so will allow you to choose the amount of gold to be added to your account. You can choose as much as you want and you never have to pay for anything. You can confirm the amount of gold that you want to hack the pressing the button labeled "Generate".

Before you do that, you should enable anti ban option since it protects you from getting banned. This is extremely reliable security system that took a lot of time and effort to put together and we are strongly encouraging you to enable it. It is free, just like everything else in you have to take any extra steps for it to work.

Last but not least of all we have the proxy list. You can ignore the proxy list unless you need to mask your IP address for whatever reason. You should not use your own proxies as it is most definitely going to screw up the way that this hack works in might have unforeseen consequences so the proxies available on the list when you hack Mafia City gold. When you press the button, wait for the process to complete and you will be loaded with some gold.

I got my gold from Mafia City cheat. How do I spend it?

You can do anything you want with this. It is exactly the same as any other gold that you can obtain throughout the game. It is just as good as the goal that they are selling through the in game store. It's not fake, it's not limited and you can most definitely use it to purchase whatever upgrades and benefits for your account you want.

If you ever need to get more gold, you can always come back and use the generator as many times you want so make sure to do that in case that you need to.

We won't ask you to pay for anything, ever, no matter how many times you use this so feel free to come back regularly, tell your friends about it and spread the word about Game Glitcher and all of our hacks.


Hack Options

Select whether or not to use a proxy,Antiban and add Gold.



Human Verification

Before we can add the upgrades to your username we need to VERIFY that you are human and not an automated bot. This helps us prevent abuse of the hack.

  1. Download 2 apps from the list.
  2. Follow the instructions bellow every app.
  3. Restart your game and check for your upgrades.

All upgrades will be added instantly upon completion.