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GWENT arrives on the iOS and we can already hack free Kegs and Meteorite Powder!

GWENT, a popular minigame that was featured in a super popular and super big game The Witcher III: Wild Hunt has made a name for itself as a rather complex and deep card game that is unlike any other out there.

Now, I'm well aware that most companies will always say that their game is unlike anything you've ever seen but as somebody who has no interest in selling you this game which is free by the way to play and download, I will confirm that Gwent is unlike other card games. It's not a copy of Hearthstone like many other card games aspire to be, Gwent is a game that stands firmly on its own two feet.

How does Gwent play?

Unlike other games that are all about amassing a large amount of resources required to play a certain card and then playing the right combination of two or more cards in succession, this one allows you to play any card that you want, whatever you want to but it only allows you to play one card per turn.

Also, one of the biggest differences for pretty much every card game out there is that Gwent has three rows: front row, middle and the back row. All of these have unique properties, certain cards function better or even change their own functionality based in the row that they find themselves in. And not just the rows are to be taken into account. Cards position within the row is also very important. Some cards will function better based on which cards you place on their sides or in front or behind them...

Long story short, Gwent has a steep learning curve and it feels incomparably more rewarding than any other card game that I've ever played and it is largely thanks to the gameplay mechanics don't feel like they are revolving around luck when all of the other card games do.

Still, even with all of the skill in the world, you will need a lot of cards in order to play the game out to your fullest potential and that's precisely what this Gwent hack will help you with.

So how can this Gwent hack help you?

Being a free to play game, the company relies on acquisition of new cards to earn revenue from. The players are allowed to purchase kegs which contain cards. These cars are not necessarily new but in the beginning, when your decks are still small and lacking in cards, you'll be getting some new ones.

If you get a duplicate, it's not the end of the world. You can have multiple instances of the same card in your deck and if you don't want to do that, if you have like 10 copies of the same card already, you can always destroy it to create meteorite powder which can be used to acquire new cards.

Gwent hack allows you to add a lot of kegs and tons of meteorite powder to your account so you can simply grab all the cards, stack your deck with the ones that you want to use and just play the game like you want to.

Sure, large portion of fun in these games comes from acquiring or winning new cards but if you want to take the easy route and just play the game competitively, this generator for free kegs is your best bet.

How to use Gwent generator for free kegs?

To hack Gwent and get kegs and meteorite powder, when you want to do is to look for a button on this page. Pressing this button will take you to another part of the website from which you will be able to fully operate the generator.

This generator has been tested multiple times by yours truly and I can assure you that everything works as intended and that there are no problems regarding security of this online based cheat. No need for you to download anything or give random maps even more random access to your files, no.

Simply run it, provide the most basic of your data (all public) and enjoy the resources that you get for free.


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