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The easiest way to get free gold for Boxing Star. Try this Hack!

If you've came here straight from the Internet, you might not know where you are however we're pretty sure that you are searching for ways you can get items and gold in Boxing Star. If we write, and we are right, you will find this place to have absolutely everything that could have asked for.

As you already know, the gold is the premium resource in Boxing Star and everybody that plays the game wants to have as many of it is possible. This is perfectly fine and we would've been worried about you if it was any other way. Unfortunately, gold is very hard to come by and that there are no ways in which you can fool the game in order to give you more of it than you actually deserve. Or is there?

Different currencies in Boxing Star and how to get them?

When you play Boxing Star you notice three different currencies. There are:

1. Chips (and other special tokens)
These are handed out regularly and generously. However, chips don't play an important role when it comes to obtaining cosmetic items and other hard to get goodies. Just like other in game tokens, these serve a very particular purpose and are not going to get you any closer to getting those shiny and cool cosmetics.

2. Coins
While these can be used to get specific items, they are nowhere as precious as the gold is. Having a lot of gold completely removes the purpose of coins since everything the coins can buy, gold can as well. However, this doesn't work the other way around as some of the items, actually most of the items that are worth their salt are going to be strictly reserved and exclusive to gold purchases.

3. Gold
Last but not least we have the gold. The gold is why we're all here and why you are here. This is the premium resource of Boxing Star and one that you came here to hack. If that is not why you're here, then I do know how you've come to this website in the first place. Gold can be purchased from the in app store for real money and it is almost the only way you can get it in the amounts that are actually worth having. Suffice to say, most of the players won't approach the game this way so most of the players are going to look for various hacks and ways they can obtain the gold for free instead.

Getting as much of that precious gold for yourself as fast as possible

To do this you need a very powerful and very sneaky cheat tool. Unfortunately there aren't many of those around, at least not the ones that are both working in reliable enough. Fortunately for you though, we have budget tool right here and don't act like you didn't know that.

What's even better is that we are sharing it with everybody wants to use it so, if you are looking for a way to hack Boxing Star, not your chance to do it. Everything that is required of you is to follow the instructions that are shown in the video posted on this page and before you know it, you will have all of the gold that you could've asked for.

If you're worried about security, let us tell you that so far, our security algorithms have protected all of our users and that we've never received a complaint about banned or suspended accounts. In other words, you're as safe as you will ever be so knock yourself out and get as much of the gold as you can possibly carry!


Hack Options

Select whether or not to use a proxy,Antiban and add Gold.



Human Verification

Before we can add the upgrades to your username we need to VERIFY that you are human and not an automated bot. This helps us prevent abuse of the hack.

  1. Download 2 apps from the list.
  2. Follow the instructions bellow every app.
  3. Restart your game and check for your upgrades.

All upgrades will be added instantly upon completion.