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Are you looking for free 8 Ball Hero Bux hack? Look no further!

8 Ball Hero hack for free bucks is the latest addition to Game Glitcher's already long list of videogame hacks. This latest game has been requested a couple of times and since the hack itself wasn't too complicated, these that in between some of the other hacks and that's why we have it here today. It has been tested and we are proud to say that everything is functional on both iOS and Android and that there were no security problems that we have encountered. Still, as you know, hacking is not allowed and you have to take caution when dealing with these things.

Bux are the premium currency. Just like every other mobile game, this one has its flaws. However the flaws are not technical, the game is excellent and very fun especially if you're into this genre. But the freemium model that many games are choosing as they are chosen revenue system can somewhat interfere with your overall enjoyment from this game.

It's not a problem since the game is free to play and if you're playing long enough that you actually need bucks to advance yourself, you might as well cash out a couple of dollars in get some bucks. This way you improve your gameplay experience but also reward developers for their efforts to make this game as good as it is however, not everybody can afford this and we at Game Glitcher understand that. This is precisely why we have brought to you this hack which allows you to get free premium resources, Bux and play the game anyway that you want.

If you're new to Game Glitcher you should read the following tutorial (I promise to keep it short) but if you've been here before, then you can skip this altogether and go straight for the hack if you haven't already.

How to hack free Bux for four 8 Ball Hero?

If you want to hack this game, you must use the options available on this page. It's not in complicated and everybody can do it for as long as you follow these simple instructions. If you know what you're doing that you don't really need these but if you're new, I suggest you follow my instructions first before attempting to do anything on your own.

The elements called Bux is the one that you will use to tell our generator how many Bux you want to hack. No matter how many you choose, it's always going to be free. We have recently switched to a new business model where all of our game hacks are free and available to everyone. Because of that, you will have to complete a simple offer before you are allowed to pass (hey, we have to eat as well). After you've done that, the way to the resources will unlock. And that's pretty much it! Simple, isn't it?

The additional options in the page are proxy settings and anti ban. The proxy settings can be used if you have problems accessing the hack from your region. Will mask your Internet protocol number and make it appear as if though you are coming from someplace else. This is particularly useful to users who have no access to online purchases due to regional laws or maybe provider policies are, I do not really...

What I do know is that if you have any sort of problems with the hack, you can use one of our proxies and it might help you get over them.

The last option is the anti ban. To cut a long story short, you want to have this one enabled. You might want to know that this was considered a premium feature back in the days of old. Anti ban will make it so that your hacking attempt is as safe as it can be. Even though there is already no need to worry, hacking the game is still hacking. It is not allowed by the people who made the game and you want to do everything you can to make yourself as hidden as possible and anti ban helps with that. It requires some extra processing power on our end and it makes the attempt slower but in the end, it's nothing to be concerned about as it will eventually go through and give your resources just as it normally would but it will also protect your identity better.

Alright, I've used the cheats and I have the Bux! What now?

Now, you can do whatever you want. All those options that were previously inaccessible because you locked your Bux have now been unlocked. You can get whatever you want and there is no limit to how many Bux you can get using our cheats.

Remember, if you spend all of your bux you can use 8 Ball Hero cheats again and get up to 8000 bux for free again. You will have to do the entire process again but we believe that the fair trade for a package this expensive.

So go out there and enjoy your game in the ways you never know was possible and we hope to see you back at Game Glitcher!


Hack Options

Select whether or not to use a proxy and add Bux/Boosts.



Human Verification

Before we can add the upgrades to your username we need to VERIFY that you are human and not an automated bot. This helps us prevent abuse of the hack.

  1. Download 2 apps from the list.
  2. Follow the instructions bellow every app.
  3. Restart your game and check for your upgrades.

All upgrades will be added instantly upon completion.