Get Free Dragon Gems for Your Merge Dragons Account

Merge Dragons is a super cool and very relaxing game where you get to build a dragons habitat and fill it with all kinds of mythical monsters. The game allows you to express your creativity but also challenges your strategical thinking and ingenuity. There are tons of different combinations and possible ways in which you can merge your dragons to create new ones .

It is a perfect game for people who like to take it slowly. Pretty much everything in his game is on timer and you will have to wait for an increasingly long periods of time before taking any action again. This makes it the perfect idle game for those of you that like that sort of games although, it might be very frustrating for the players looking to speed things up and achieve greatness in the shortest amount of time possible.

The game is not unaware of this and in fact, it offers Dragon gems, the games premium currency which can assist you in this goal. Dragon gems can be used to speed up and improve all of the aspects of this game, from your camp expansion to combat. In fact, these gems be used by pretty much everyone as they help both the patient and the inpatient get more things done in a much more efficient way.

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How to get Dragon Gems in Merge Dragons?

When you will quickly come to understand is that there is no easy way to get Dragon gems. Even though these can be obtained by playing the game, the amount which you are given is incredibly small. If you only rely on the Dragon gems that the game will reward you with, you won't get far.

As we've said, you can get them by playing the game but that's not enough and you will want a more efficient way to farm these gems. Unfortunately there is no way to can form them. There are no buildings and provide these gems and relying unlock just won't work.

The only way to actually get these gems for free in satisfying quantities is to use Merge Dragons cheats to get as many gems as you want or as many of them as you need. This can give you up to 14,400 Dragon gems absolutely for free in just under a couple of minutes.

How safe it is to use this cheat for Merge Dragons?

Cheating is always risky. This is something that goes against the rules of the game, especially in the case of free to play mobile games where the developers are relying the micro-transactions and in game purchases to ensure that there otherwise free games earn some cash and pay for all the work that went into making them. Suffice to say, cheats are not allowed in this game.

On the other hand, Game Glitcher has a history and absolutely clean slate when it comes to people being banned because of our cheats. We were trying to say is that it is never ever happened that one of our tools has ever caused any problems for anyone. In all of the time that we've been around, we had had nobody complain about anything related to our work however, due to the nature of this, we feel that you should know that despite are statistics, this is still not legit.

If all of this sounds okay to you and you're willing to proceed, please follow the link underneath.

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