Governor of Poker 3: Safe Cheats for Free Chips and Gold

Governor of Poker is probably the coolest poker game that we've ever come across. This game combines storytelling with very polished casino games and believe it or not, these two fit together perfectly. If you're the type of player who likes playing poker but like love to hear a good story and have a sense of progression that is not restricted to an increasing number of chips after a game, Governor of Poker 3 might be the perfect game for you.

Even though the game has two previous entries, there is no reason (other than the story maybe) to play any of those two instead of the newest franchise entry, the third one. However, even if you want to know what happened in the previous games, the premise is pretty much the same as in the final installment so, if you want to play a good poker game, hear a nice story and generally have a good time on your smart phone, then Governor of Poker 3 is a game that you should definitely check out.

However, just like with the rest of the free to play games, Governor of Poker 3 has its own setbacks.

One of these is of course the fact that the game is free to play and that it has to rely on some sort of mechanic or gimmick which will generate income. This is of course the fact that the in game store sells both chips and gold which are necessary for the progress.

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The difference between chips and gold

These are your typical casino game tokens. No chips, no game. Governor of Poker 3 is no different than other casino games and if you run out of chips, you have to wait for them to refill, find another way to get them or purchase some from the in game store which is usually not the choice that any of us will make.

The premium currency of Governor of Poker 3 allows you to do so many things. Actually, it allows you to do everything, even cheat in games and make it easier to get through certain matches. Remember, this is a game that has a story and progression, so you will have to "beat" certain poker players in order to advance the story. This is where the gold comes in handy.

How to get gold and chips - the fast and easy way.

Even though you can get both of these resources in game, you can always use more of them. The chips are particularly easy to obtain and simply winning the game and being a good streak will do wonders for your chip count. Is not an easy task however as Governor of Poker 3 relies on poker matches which increased the games overall progression so, these matches become increasingly difficult over the time.

The gold is completely different. Even if you're in a crazy streak, you will have just barely enough gold to go by. In other words, gold is made incredibly hard to obtain on purpose and this purpose being the monetization of the game.

However, Governor of Poker 3 cheat has you covered. These cheats will allow you to get insane amount of those chips and gold, 8 million and 1800 of these resources, respectively so, if you're feeling like you can use a boost or just looking for a way to cheat through the system, Governor of Poker 3 hack is the way to go.

Because this is not a legitimate way to get any of these resources but cheat instead, we feel obliged to tell you that you should be aware that applications like this are not allowed and are considered as cheating by the game developers, which is completely understandable.

Also, we have to tell you that we have never had any problems with any of our cheats and that the Governor of Poker 3 is absolutely no different. There has been a total of zero cases where our users had any problems after using our tools so, unless you are extremely unlucky or trying to get caught, you should be perfectly fine.

If all of this sounds interesting, follow the link on this page and let us proceed.

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