Episode: Choose Your Story - Fast, Safe and Easy Cheats for Free Diamonds and Tickets!

Episode: Choose Your Story is a series of stories driven episodes, as the name implies. It's like a library filled with short stories that you get to pick and play/read through in any order you want. There is no beginning and no end, each stories a self-centered piece that you can experience at your own leisure.

The genres of the story, although mostly centered around drama and romance vary greatly. From fantasy and science fiction to horror and more lightweight reads like comedy. It is safe to say that there is something for pretty much everyone within Episode: Choose Your Story. The best part about all of this is that it is free. It is available on both Android and iOS it can be downloaded quickly due to its small size. Each story is later downloaded separately as you play/read through it.

It seems like a perfect game for visual novel enthusiastic but there is a catch.

Unlike your usual visual novel or videogame, Episode: Choose Your Story is free to play. This means that the game has to monetize something in order to justify its existence and of course make the developers some money for their hard work.

Unfortunately for us, the game chose to be very restrictive. In fact, the game allows you to play through all of the stories within it without spending a single dollar, but there is another catch.

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The importance of diamonds and tickets in Episode: Choose Your Story

The choices you would usually make, the good choices as we would say are locked behind a payment wall. In fact, every story and every chapter are also locked although not as securely as these choices. Let me explain.

1. Tickets
In order to start reading through any of the stories in Episode: Choose Your Story you will need to possess a certain amount of tickets. Tickets are just what the sound to be, a virtual ticket allowing you to see a show or in this case play/read through a story. You need tickets to start a story, there's no way around it. However, the game is pretty generous and it will automatically generate a ticket after a certain time and handed to you. Diamonds on the other hand are completely different story...

2. Diamonds
These shiny rocks are really hard to come by. Sure, the game makes it look like it's no biggie but you only get diamonds for specific actions like daily logins or connecting your game with the Facebook or other social media. It might seem like a sufficient amount right out start but you will soon realize that these stories are filled with choices that require diamonds.

To my the thinking that these choices are not important how you might not like them at all but we assure you, the game does a very good job of unlocking precisely the choices that only makes sense within a given situation. You might not agree with them on some occasions but those will be like 1 in 100.

Overcoming the Diamonds and Tickets restrictions with Episode: Choose Your Story cheats!

These cheats are made for the players want to go through the stories while remaining through to their initial choices, back when you had the diamonds to afford them. Sure, diamonds can be purchased from within the game store and you should do that if you can, at least once but, after a while it becomes apparent that you simply can't afford to make a choice of your own every time you are presented with one.

This is where the cheats come into play. As a member of Game Glitcher community, you have access to these hacks that were made specifically to make your gameplay experience more enjoyable.

Simply follow the link and you will be taken to a page for where you can generate large amounts of diamonds and tickets for free and without having to worry about your account security. Let us proceed...

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