Chapters Interactive Stories: Choose Your Story Get Free Gems and Passes With Cheats

Chapters Interactive Stories is a series of interactive stories that you can read and directly influence with your personal choices. It is one of the more popular games of this genre and from what we understand, it is made by the same people who practically invented genre.

Those of you that are interested in the fight variety of different stories ranging all the way from drama, love and romance to horrors and thrillers, you might want to consider giving this game ago on your Android as well as iOS devices since Chapters Interactive Stories can be downloaded and played anywhere. PC is also a valid platform as many emulators can run this game flawlessly.

The game is free to download and play and with its download are included thousands of different stories of different genres and flavors that you can read and interact with in an attempt to get the most satisfying outcome based on the consequences of the choices that you will be making from start to finish.

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There is only one problem with Chapters Interactive Stories: Choose your Story...

Like many games of its time, Chapters Interactive Stories introduces premium currency. Premium currency is in many ways a resource that you can simply not play the game without. We actually mean that quite literally. Passes, although not premium sure feel like they are. Without a sufficient amount of passes, you will be unable to even start a story let alone play through it.

The good thing about passes is that they recover over time. Simply not playing the game will yield a certain number of passes that you can spend later on to your leisure. Although these automatically generated passes will be more than enough to some players, most of you will find the pace at which these are given to be less than satisfying.

To make matters worse, let's introduce diamonds. Diamonds are the true premium currency of this game and unlike passes, they are not handed for free. You can win some under certain conditions like daily logins but if you rely solely on these, you will never have enough diamonds to make any significant impact on any story.

You see, diamonds are what's necessary to make most valuable and usually the most desirable choices within every story. Diamonds will make a difference "between happily ever after" and a heartbreaking breakup as well as life and death or similar choice with the drastically different outcomes.

In order to be able to choose the desirable outcomes and act the way want to, you will more often than not need a certain number of diamonds which is usually why many players turn to cheats.

Guide, tips and tricks for easy free diamonds and passes in Chapters Interactive Stories

To tell you straight off, it's not really that easy to legitimately obtain free passes and diamonds this game however, there are ways that are easier than the others which not many of you might know about so without further ado, let's take a look at those.

1. Be an active player, participate in and complete events! This is easily overlooked by most of the players, but the game features in game events and challenges that one should undertake if there are looking to maximize their premium currency income.

2. Connect your account through Facebook! If you have a Facebook, go ahead and connect your account. The game will not pester you (that much) but will in turn give you a hefty sum of diamonds when you do that. After all, nothing stopping you from unlinking your profile after you've claimed your prize.

3. Invite your friends to get rewards! If you invite a friend and they register through your invitation, you will get rewarded. This is basically doing some promotion for the game company but for as long as they pay and for as long as it doesn't take that much time, I guess it's fine. What you can also do if you really have some free time is to create fake accounts and just register through your own invitations, complete the criteria, reap the rewards.

But here's something that's really effective and that is worth your while. If you're willing to take an extra step and get a really nice amount of gems and passes in just a couple of moments, then Chapters Interactive Stories cheat 2019 is the thing that you need.

Check out the link underneath and read the description on the generator page to learn how to use these cheats effectively. Before you ask, this is not legit but it has proven to be extremely reliable and safe to use.

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