Boxing Star cheats for free gold. Unlock the True Potential of Your Game!

Boxing Star can be a lot of fun especially if you're into boxing, good, catchy music and shiny unlockables. This game has all of the above-mentioned and for someone who truly enjoys any of these things this is easily one of the best pastimes on Android and iOS systems. However, if you're not particularly into some of these or if you're not really a boxing fan, there's still a good chance that something like Boxing Star among games that you're playing because simply put, this is an amazing game.

Boxing Star has a potential to be played for a very long time even after you've completed and maybe even played multiple times through the story mode. This is of course thanks to the multiplayer mod the allows you to constantly play against the players of similar skill. This means that, if you really like this game, you could play forever since it has a never-ending stream of new content simply due to the fact that it's available for online multiplayer.

Although you can play the entire game from the start never having to worry about any upgrades or personal items, the game definitely gets much more interesting when you start personalizing your character and modifying them the way want. However, since this is a free to play game, some of those items may be out of your reach.


Gold - the premium resource of Boxing Star. How can you get it quickly?

And there are actually multiple resources in the game. You have chips and coins which are useful in their own way, but none of them come even close to gold. Being the premium resource, the gold is very hard to get and while you can have 1 million of chips and a couple of hundred coins, you can also have less than 100 of gold.

Sure, the game will allow you to earn these resources simply by playing however, if we're being realistic here, you can never have enough gold to get what you want that is unless you are incredibly and unrealistically humble which is actually very hard in a game that has so many unlockables and cosmetic items.

Naturally, all of these items require a specific currency (usually gold) to unlock and most of them are simply out of reach for non-premium users. However, with these Boxing Star cheats you can get free gold and get pretty much everything, actually no, you can get absolutely everything that you ever wanted in this game.

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