Top Game Highlights of Tokyo Games Show 2019

Tokyo Games Show 2019 is behind us and we've seen some pretty interesting things from gadgets and technology to of course video games and that is exactly what I wanted to address today. This instead of beating around the bush, love you straight to it and start off with...

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls

Yes, you heard it right, it is indeed a new Castlevania game but don't get too excited just yet because there are a couple of things that need to be addressed here. First off, I have mixed feelings about this game and the main reason for it of course is the first impression and those are the graphics.

The game doesn't really look that good for a HD era side scrolling game. The graphics are weird, somewhat amateurish and when you compare its to some of the more successful and popular Metroid-vania titles that we've had in the past years this one definitely doesn't look like it was being developed by some of the biggest gaming studios in the world. However, there's a reason for...

The reason in the second thing that I'm not particularly fond of is the fact that this game is Android and iOS only. That's right, this is a mobile game exclusive so to say and nobody really knows why because games like these can easily be ported and ran on modern systems and consoles yet the developers decided to go with mobile exclusivity.

Not all is bad though because the gameplay actually looks quite enjoyable and I'm pretty sure that most of the fans will appreciate it if they can look past the amateurish graphics and some questionable design choices.

I can really say what the game is all about because the plot segments were a Japanese but, it's a Castlevania game so we can say with utmost certainty that there's going to be a castle, vampires and other types of monsters that need slaying.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Next up is another legendary title but this time it's Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII remake. That this one doesn't really come a surprise because the game has been in development for like forever now but, what's important is that we did get a good look at it and that some of the things were clarified.

And yes, after TGS 2019 we can confirm that the game will indeed feature a more traditional way to control the characters which consists of action selection rather than combo input which is more on the FFXV side of things rather than how the fans of the originals would prefer it.All would like you to know is that the cheat is not a legit thing and it you can get in trouble for using it however, we also want you to know that we have taken all the necessary steps to protect users ID and make it extremely safe for everyone. Up to this date, we're proud to say that we have had a total of zero users who have had any problems with their accounts.

Other than that, we didn't really get anything that we didn't already know. Is going to be a fateful remake of the original title that will blow you away with its graphics and level of detail. Also, many games will also be present in the game so I hope you're looking forward to that as well.

I'm going to draw the line here and believe in for today. I will be revisiting TGS games in the upcoming article so stay tuned for more.