Oceanhorn - Here's a mobile game for all of you Zelda fans out there!

If you've ever played Legend of Zelda is not hard for you to understand why these games are so popular and why they have such a big fan base. This is a game that launched on the Nintendo system back in the early 90s and even today, it is still getting sequels and it is a game that a lot of people keep talking about and praising it like one of the greatest games of all time which, if I'm to be honest it might as well be just that.

What I want to talk to you about today is not the Legend of Zelda so I must apologize if I made it sound like it will be (which I most definitely did) but, to tell the truth it's not far from it as Oceanhorn is a game that is undoubtably inspired by this giant and takes a lot of inspiration from the original games.

So what is Oceanhorn and why do I compare to what Zelda?

Is not just me that compares it to be honest, this is a game that most definitely takes notes from its elders but instead of simply copying and leaving off of the nostalgia value, Oceanhorn actually innovates and does that incredibly well.

The game is a top-down action-adventure where you play is a boy who keeps having the same nightmare where his father leaves in the middle of the night leaving him nothing but a note explaining how he has to leave in order to confront and defeat the terror of the seas known as the Oceanhorn.

Shortly afterwards the game starts and the boy awakens and this is where adventure begins. You start exploring the island that you awake to and you slowly start to get the feeling exactly what kind of game this is going to be and, for all of those of you who are fans of the Legend of Zelda, this is going to be a real treat.

So what about gameplay and exploration?

It is just like you would expect out of something like this. Your free to go wherever you want, at least once after you've finished the "training mission" and acquired your father's sword and shield. From that point on in the game, you can sit in a boat and go to any of the neighboring tiles in search of the four items required to defeat the Oceanhorn.

To do this, you will be exploring a lot of dungeons, battling all different sorts of enemies, solving puzzles is your progress, interacting with the world around you and exploiting its somewhat limited but still pretty fun physics system as well as cutting all of the grass grass and smashing every single pot that you run into because it just might a gold piece!

The games top-down and very vertical so most of the time you will be figuring out how to climb to the higher points of an island to get to a treasure chest or simply for the sake of exploration.

The best that I that I can give you is to get the game for yourself as the demo is free to play and it will give you a very good example of what the game is all about.

Oceanhorn Download: Android | iOS