Deploy the shields and light a fire up your enemies a** with this new defender in R6 Siege!

Rainbow Six Siege, operation Ember Rise is live and even though we knew it for quite some time, the new operator that joins the defending team is Goyo. He comes from Mexico alongside with he's attacker counterpart Amaru (who I will be talking about in the upcoming article) and is a real expert of holding strategic points and preventing enemy's from advancing without a certain path which can come exceptionally useful near the end of the round when everybody has to rush for the objective.

So what can Goyo do that other's can't?

To answer this question, let's first take a look at the operator's stats and weapon loadout as well as his unique gadget – the Volcan Shield!

So what does Goyo have?

First of all, he is a 2 speed and 2 defence operator which makes him a fairly solid allrounder. He can take a hit or two but also move at a decent speed which makes him well-suited for pretty much every situation from roaming too hard defense thanks to his unique gadget.

As for his guns, he comes equipped with Vector .45 ACP with a bit lower damage of 21 but extremely high rate of fire of 1200. Considering that the weapons magazine is only 25 rounds large, you will quickly burn out through your ammo but also heat your target multiple times before they have a chance to react.

Also, considering the absolutely insane fire rate of this weapon, it is still surprisingly easy to control and if your aim is any good, you have an incredible headshot machine in front of you.

Alternatively, Goyo has TCSG12, and yes, this is the exact same weapon that Kaid uses. A unique single-action shotgun that fires slugs instead of buckshot which makes it very effective at mid range and can be used to easily punch a hole in a soft wall or simply shred your enemies instead leads amazing 84 damage per shot. However be careful as you only have 10 shots in a magazine before you have to reload.

His secondary is P229 with 51 damage and 12 round capacity. No alternative option here.

As for the gadgets, you may choose between impact grenades or the Nitro self. There is no right or wrong here and it all comes down to your personal play style although, I personally favor the Nitro cell.

Goyo's special gadget – the Volcan Shield!

And yes, he has the Volcan Shield. Now one, not two with three deployable shields with two way impenetrable glass slits that let you speak through them and snipe your enemy when they least expect it.

That is not all there is to it. These shields have a canisters of gasoline on the backside which can be shot resulting in an explosion that will hurt both friends and foes and cover the area in flames for 10, dealing 12 damage per second and preventing any push that might have come from that direction.

Other than that, we didn't really get anything that we didn't already know. Is going to be a fateful remake of the original title that will blow you away with its graphics and level of detail. Also, many games will also be present in the game so I hope you're looking forward to that as well.