Ghost Recon Breakpoint Closed Beta Impressions

As the title suggests, this is the second part of my Ghost Recon Breakpoint is so if you haven't read the first one, you can use this link to do that and read about this stuff that I like about the game because this one will focus on the neutral and the stuff that I didn't like.

You can role-play and focus on the survival if you want to

This is more of a neutral point for me and I like that they haven't really forced it on anyone.

While this game has quite a number of survival elements like hunting, eating and drinking, none of it is actually required. You will never starve and you will never die out of dehydration however, if you do keep yourself hydrated and well fed you will get significant bonuses.

Like for example, the stamina system has been completely reworked to complement these new survival mechanics so if you keep yourself well hydrated, your stamina will replenish quicker and if you're well fed, well, naturally you can do more stuff as you have more stamina and let me tell you straight away that stamina is a really big factor in this game. It will directly control how long you can run, dive underwater and even how efficient you are as traversing harsh terrains like big slopes.

But the good thing is, if you don't want to bother with these things, you really have to. It is completely optional, like a site quests if you will. Sure, you can get rewarded in the game is going to be easier if you do it but in case you don't really want to, you don't really have to.

Survival in Ghost Recon Breakpoint Game

Now let's talk about the bad things

To start off straight away, I'm not a huge fan of looter-shooters and that's exactly what they're aiming for in Breakpoint. However as I've already said, the game has so much content that you are going to feel overwhelmed at times and that this does not necessarily have to bother you that much. But it does bother me and I don't really like it and I would actually like if they completely reworked it which is something that I'm fairly sure it's not gonna happen.

What's going on is that during your play session, you are going to get new loot, pretty much nonstop. You cannot pick a weapon type and stick with it, you cannot unlock a weapon that you are really comfortable with and just carry for the rest of the game, no. They want you to keep playing with different weapons, to experiment with other play styles and that means making you use their guns that you get either a looting a crate or picking them off from the corpses of your enemies.

The other thing is that there's also "gear level" which consists of useless armor that's not actually an armor as it offers no protection but what it does is that it has a number next to it which contributes to your character's overall "gear level" which makes it so that you can effectively take down enemies who have equal or lower gear level to you while making it really tough to do it with the enemies that have it higher than you do.

Enemies in Ghost Recon Breakpoint Game

I'm supposing that this is a supposed to be games way of making you feel progression or restricting you from going to areas that they want you to experience later however, I really don't like it. It is unnecessary. Wildlands gave us the opportunity to explore the world however we like and in whichever order we want and that was one of its strengths so I don't see the point of implementing a system like this.

Last but not least are of course the bugs, lots and lots of bugs. The game has so many bugs that it is very alarming and makes me question whether I'm going to get this game are not at release date. Now, betas are known to be buggy but this is not beta buggy, this is underdeveloped buggy.

For you to get better understanding of them talking about, my character would simply fall through the ground, opening crates or exit the vehicle and then literally teleport to completely different location instantly, I would be unable to survive my teammates and even if I do revive them, it doesn't include guys with their game so even though I did it, they are still that in their game. There were problems when the game wouldn't let me aim down sites for whatever reason, some of the gadgets are totally broken, I experienced severe performance issues and the enemy AI would sometimes just completely ignore all of the rules that it is expected to have an act on its own.

So to wrap it up...

This title has the potential of being an amazing game. It has so many features that I felt overwhelmed at times, so many features that I would be perfectly okay if they didn't exist not because they're bad but because I have so many things to do in this game and if I tried to complete everything and try everything out, it would take like 200 hours or quite possibly much more so, this is one hell of a game.

On your hand, it can have all the features in the world, it can be the most beautiful looking game ever and yeah, it does it really, really look great but the amount of bugs is just ruining the experience. The fact that the game doesn't really know what he wants to doesn't help it either and right now it seems like they're going for the jack of all trades but a master of none approach which is something that usually doesn't turn to be a memorable experience in the long run.

All in all, I did enjoy my time in beta more than I didn't so I'm looking forward to the official release date to see what happens then.