So I've played the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta and this is what I think of it.

Ghost Recon Wildlands with the game that nobody expected any kind of hit us out of nowhere back in 2015 and I'm an ally, I really like the game and I've played it for very long time with my friends however, the game wasn't flawless in fact, it is actually a mess of the game if you think about it but that doesn't mean that I didn't have a lot of fun playing it. Naturally, when I learned about Ghost Recon Breakpoint I was very excited and I can wait to get my hands in the Beta, try game out for myself and see how it was.

The feelings are... mixed. I really like the idea of the game, like the potential that it has but I am absolutely pushed back by some of the development traces that make as well is by the amount of bugs that this game have.

But let's not rush, let's take this step by step and talk about the goods and the bad as I review and share with you my experience on Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta.

Headline image of Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta

First off, let's talk about the things that I like

And there's quite a lot to like in this game to be honest with you. This game has an overwhelming amount of content. It's not a clearly defined game as you would expect from older Ghost Recon titles. Breakpoint is it something and it should really be considered and judged by the fact that it has Ghost Recon its name because if you compare its to Future Soldier for example, these two games have absolutely nothing in common. And that's a bad thing, this is Breakpoint after all.

What I like about it is you the opportunity to play anyway you can. You can play as a recon, a sharpshooter or go full on Rambo on the enemy. You can use explosives or silenced weapons, go out with a bang or completely evade your opponents and keep your hands clean throughout the most of the game.

How you play is completely up to you and clearly defining your play style while playing with your friends who will fill in the roles that you cannot is absolutely the best and in my honest opinion the only way to truly experience this game in all of its glory.

Tactics are very important. Even though you can go when guns blazing, you need to know where you're going and what you're doing. The difficulty in this game is (optionally) extremely challenging and taking couple of hits will undoubtedly take it down no matter how you build your character. Sure, some classes can take more hits than the others but it all comes down to a couple of bullets so you should always have a tactic, a plan of attack before you do anything. And I love this.

Combat Image of Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta Game

Furthermore, the fact that you can customize your equipment in depth allows you to bring out the most out of the play style that you've imagined. But it's not only the equipment that can be fully customized, in true ghost recon fashion your guns are your own.

This means that you can quite literally take the gun apart and replace everything to make it truly yours. If you don't like that aiming radical that you got take it off and replace it with something else, or don't - it is completely up to you.

And if you want to get tacticool, there are numerous paint jobs, laser sights and other kinds of attachments that you can use to express yourself.