Have you heard of the Dying Light - The most underrated AAA Game?

Here's a game that is a personal favorite of mine, something that I've been enjoying for hundreds of hours and something that I was surprised to learn that there are not many people out there who got to experience it and also, thing that came as an absolute shock for me, a game that not many people are actually aware of.

I want to mention this game because Dying Light 2 release date is just around the corner. I would like to raise the awareness of this amazing game, so to say, and let you know that you could be having a lot of fun in this dystopian, zombie virus stricken world where everything is actually one big playground.

Zombies? Are you serious?

Now I know what you're thinking. Zombies? Are you serious? And, this was my reaction as well when I first learned about this game, to be completely honest with you. I actually avoided it simply for the fact that it's a zombie game, allowing myself to be misguided by the prejudice that there is nothing new to be had here, that I have already seen everything that a "zombie games" genre has to offer. I can't even begin explaining how wrong I was about this.

This has to be one of the most innovative games of the last generation that somehow manages to do everything in its own unique and charming way while still feeling extremely familiar for a season gamer.

Monster from Dying Light Games

Yes, it is a zombie game but no, it has nothing to do with the likes of Resident Evil or Left 4 Dead, in fact, the game that comes closest to this particular title is a game that I wasn't particularly fond of and in fact considered to be one of the most boring game ever played – Dead Island.

This is actually somewhat of a spiritual successor to that game, a project where the development team had their hands untied, free of the creative restrictions, where they didn't have to worry about financial problems or deadlines, in other words, this is a labor of love.

So what makes this game so unique?

First of all, this game has everything that you would expect out of zombie game. It has a lot of zombies, all different kinds of shapes and sizes, it is a ton of different weapons and a ton of ways in which you can utilize those weapons on those aforementioned zombies. At this is not the gist of the game, no.

What makes this particular title different than the rest of the crowd is the freedom that the game gives the player. Your free to roam through the open world ofth city of Haran and traverse it in any way that you want. When I say anyway, that's exactly what because at the core of this game is incredibly polished and even more fun parkour movement system that allows you to perform insane moves while jumping from a rooftop to a rooftop, chaining to get her insane acrobatic's while trying to stay away from the undead menace and find the shortest, fastest and of course the safest route to your next objective.

It might not sound like much but you need to see it in order to understand and try it out for yourself to realize just how polished incredibly intuitive all of this feels.