Dying Light - The most underrated AAA Game - Part 3

If you haven't read the previous two articles you can do it by following this link. This article will not explain everything and you might be confused if you are not familiar with the previous one.

So, that is some pretty basic stuff. What else is there to this game?

Well, first of add, that is not true. Even though all of this sounds like pretty basic stuff, the way that it is implemented in the game simply makes it that much more enjoyable. Something as simple as walking or running can be a lot of fun therefore making the most generic fetch quests into a breakneck race through the slums of the city with adrenaline pumping action.

It is "how" it is pulled off rather than whether it "is".

All of the previously mentioned things that you can do are a lot of fun and undoubtably, unless you truly hate zombie games, you're going to enjoy this unique experience. But that's not everything. There is one more thing that makes this game different than the rest and much more enjoyable than the things I've played in the past and that is of course the fact that...

It is fully playable, from start to finish with up to 3 other players!

That's right, this is a co-op experience through and through in every aspect of the game has been carefully made to complement that option and, it is important to remember that this is an option. Having no friends to play with or simply preferring to go as a lone wolf is always an option but personally, I would strongly suggest everyone to try and experience it as a co-op experience. If it doesn't work, you can always option out and play it as a single player game but in my personal opinion, if you do that will be missing on a a lot of cool content.

Monster from Dying Light Games

With all this being said, I cannot wait for the sequel!

At this point, not much is known about sequel, the game has been teased multiple times but practically nothing was shown up until recently when we got this eyecandy.

Over 25 minutes of different in game activities. From social interactions to adrenaline fueled escape sequences from dimly lit back alleys and derelict apartments that are crawling with the infected. The game seems to be true to its origins and from what I've seen, it does everything that the original that and only improves on it - and let me tell you straight away, those are some drastic improvements.

I personally can't wait to lay my hands on a copy of this game as soon as it is available for prepurchase. PC gamers might be a little bit troubled to learn that this still might be an Epic exclusive in which case, it's going to be the game that made me purchase something on Epic Games Launcher.