Dying Light - The most underrated AAA Game - Part 2

If you haven't read the previous article you can do it by following this link. This article will not explain everything and you might be confusedu if you are not familiar with the previous one.

Running around with style is not everything that this game has to offer

Another amazing and unforgettable part of this experience for me was definitely the combat. The game has a very take on melee combat which includes a centimeter, a lot of melee weapons in a couple of combos, not too many, but enough to add diversity to the games combat mechanics while not overloading the player with information but also incorporating enough different things to make itself interesting and dynamic.

But I mean by this is that even though you have a simple choice between lightweight and heavy weight melee weapons, not all of them are the same. For example, debtors will strike much faster while the sword will yield much more damage at the slower rates. Longer blades have a higher chance decapitates or cut off limbs from neurotic again's.

And then there are heavy weapons like katanas, rebars we concrete on them, medieval axes and maces that can smash or cut in half numerous enemies the simple swing. They can allow you to##and literally cuts through your enemies or if your weapon has enough force, slanted into the ground to create a powerful shockwave that will knock back everything around you.

Furthermore, every weapon can be enhanced with and elemental effect of your choosing. You can add poison, lightning or fire damage - to name a few. These elements will react differently in different situations. If you throw a flask of water on the enemies, it will create a splash making everything it hits and around it's soaking wet. Striking this unlucky bunch with electrified blade or an arrow will create sparks they will bounce off one target to another creating a chain lightning they can quickly dispatch for at least incapacitate numerous enemies at the same time. Similar things to be done with fire as well as other elemental enhancements.

And then there's the multiplayer...

Once you've had enough were once you felt like there is not a match for you in the world of Dying Light, all you have to do is to wait for tonight file while being connected to the Internet and sooner or later you will be attacked by extremely agile, fast and utterly merciless creature known as the Hunter.

Monster from Dying Light Games

The hunters are ferocious, they have an arsenal of "weapons" at their disposal, they can mutate and evolve as they kill hunters and will always surprise you with a new trick that they've just learned. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the Hunter is that it is controlled by another player and if you wish, you can be that player.

For a game that has a standalone campaign, two of them in fact, April 4 of challenges in game mechanics, interesting and lengthy grind/progression system and some of the most hard-core collectible game out there it did came as quite a surprise to me when I realized just how polished and interesting this multiplayer experience actually is.