Death Stranding

Yeah, you know this was coming. Hideo Kojima's next game has been shown on TGS 2019. We had a very good look at the game and were given multiple gameplay segments that were more than couple of minutes long.

To be perfectly honest with you, as a fan of MGS and the person that is quite aware of what Hideo Kojima can create when he puts his mind into it, I am a little bit disappointed with the way that things seem to be in Death Stranding. This doesn't necessarily have to mean that it will be at bad game, Hideo is known for playing tricks on his fans, falsely advertising (yes, yes he did its and yeah he got away with it because it was brilliant and served a greater purpose) and being overall cryptic when it comes to the actual content of the video games that he is working on.

The exploration and combat showcase

During one particular showcase, we got around 50 minutes of gameplay and were shown the world and core mechanics of the game. However, I have to admit that I'm not really convinced that this game is going to be good based of what we were shown.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm are really big fan of Hideo and, who isn't? However, the gameplay that we were shown doesn't promise anything special.

It came off as a walking simulator where you deliver packages from one place to another while barely doing anything other than walking and having to evade enemies from time to time or engage them in combat which, in all honesty it doesn't look that interesting, at least to me.

The game is said to be oriented towards nonviolent problem-solving but the violence is of course the option however, it is said that it will impact the outcome of your game if you resort to it often. I can't help but think of Sorrow boss fight from the legendary Metal Gear Solid 3 and if it's anything like that, it's going to be an epic mechanic.

Still, the fighting or the game in general doesn't really look particularly interesting at this point but colleges going to have to wait and see.

The Private Room Tour

The other gameplay that we've seen was nothing more than a menu. An interactive menu, pardon me. No, saying that it is a menu could be a little bit of an exaggeration however, there was the character of Sam (played by everyone's favorite Norman Reedus) who was just doing nothing. No, I literally mean it, it was a gameplay where the main character was sitting in a bed while the camera was rotating around him and showing how he can react to different camera angles.

This is something that it is called Private Room and I'm pretty sure that this is not going to be the main focus of the game or even a large part of its, just a optional feature it seems. Still, I can't help but wonder why was it that they were showing gameplay like this instead of actually giving us something that looks more like something that you would expect to see out of Kojima Team games.

Now to be fair, the player character did move around but unless you find actions like taking a shower and going to toilets or maybe brushing your teeth and looking yourself in the mirror to be groundbreaking, you're probably going to get disappointed with what was shown regarding Death Stranding.

What I actually liked about it

Even though it sounds like a mostly didn't like it because that's actually how it is and I am kind of disappointed to see something that I had such high hopes for be a little more than a walking simulator where you play as a futuristic postman carrying a baby in a capsule, there are actually a some things that I found to be quite appealing in this showcase.

One of those things is definitely what I assume to be a boss fight with the giant ink cat-like thing that keeps trying to and you while you jump around on cars and buses and even sinking buildings. Those of you who are familiar with the story of Death Stranding (or at least, what little we know about the store so far) will realize that this is the merging of the world's where the creature is trying to pull you to the land of the dead and, if you haven't figured it out by its name, that is not a place that you want to be.

The fight itself looked okay. Nothing spectacular, but it did give me some Shadow of the Colossus vibes this is pretty much everything where you fight a monster 10 times your size is going to give me those wives but I digress.

Still, this gameplay segment left a lot to be desired so I can actually say that it redeemed the overall feeling of disappointment that I've got from this game but, I want to jump to any conclusions and I actually believe that the final product that we received will be much more interesting than our show simply based off of the fact that the man himself is working on this title.