Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta Impressions

As you may have heard (and of course you have), Call of Duty Modern Warfare ceta has been available for the past couple of days and I've actually do my time and play this game for quite some time in order to write this review and state my opinion on this highly anticipated, upcoming first-person shooter.

As you may already know, this is a multiplayer experience where you fight against other people in a fast-paced but environment with a lot of cool moves, guns and gadgets but still mostly realistic scenarios.

First of all, let me tell you that I'm not a huge fan of games like these, it isn't that I dislike these games it is just that it's not my preferred pastime however, I have played quite a lot of them but I never aspired to reach any high levels of play or play them for more than a couple of months.

Multiplayer itself is really something that I am actually actively seeking what I choose my games to play but, I'm no stranger to highly competitive PVP environments so, even though I might not be a pro gamer I still know what I'm talking about.

With that being said, let's take a look at the game.

What can you expect out of Called Duty Modern Warfare

This is just as you would expect out of this game. It is a highly competitive and very fast-paced first-person shooter game where you compete against other players but, you already knew that and I've already said that.

Performance and visials

In terms of visuals and performance, this game looks absolutely fantastic. Now I've been playing this on a very high-end computer with 64 gigs of RAM, RTX 2080Ti and i7-8700K so I can really say if the game is just well optimized or my computer is an absolute overkill but what I can say is that it performed flawlessly.

There were some strange decisions regarding visuals that I had to find you like for example the rendering resolution being set to 50% of your display which means that if you're running the game at 1440p like I am, the game will actually render at 720p which is a very strange default option in my opinion.


Of course, the most important aspect of every videogame is its gameplay and this new Call of Duty did its very good despite the fact that it still beta.

The gameplay is extremely fast and this may turn down some people, especially if you're coming from more slowly paced shooters and, that is perfectly fine. The game is not meant to be for everyone, you can expect this to following the trends of Rainbow Six Siege or Battlefield, it's just not what it is. I'm super glad that we have this diversity when it comes to first listen to player shooters because this gives me a choice whether I want to play something slower or something faster and if you really want to play something fast, then CoD MW is the game for you (at least until new Unreal Tournament comes out)

However, the speed and the fast-paced gunplay is and everything. Positioning and tactics in this game are very important exactly because of it very fast paced shooting mechanics. You have to know the map very well and you really need to learn the angles. You want to know where you can position yourself, what you have covered and what or not someone has your back or if anybody can flank you and if they do, you want to know from where it can happen to that you can be aware of that and actively counter it.

So no, by no means is this a mindless shooter. It takes a lot of skill, it takes some time for you to learn the maps and it requires nonstop critical thinking in making choices in order to play successfully and emerge victorious.

Some of the problems that I've ran into...

Now of course, this is a beta and this is why betas exist so that we can test the game, try it out and see what we like and what we don't, to give our feedback to the developers and help them improve on those aspects.

These complaints do not mean that the game is bad, it is still in the process of development and exactly because of that I wanna speak about some of the issues that I've encountered.

First off, if you're playing at higher frame rates, when you zoom in with a stronger scope, you might get a slightly jittery image. I don't know why this happens but if I had to guess is because the game renders two different images and same time and the one that shows in the scope is more jittery than the one around it.

Some guns like M14 ever ridiculously high aim punch. What this means is that when you are aiming down your site and opponent shoots you, your aim is going to move drastically giving the player that shot you an advantage and a sort of a reward. This is probably fine and the many for a person shooter games do this however, I have a feeling that it is slightly overpowered in this particular case although that might be by design.

Visual and audio cues could use some polish. It is very hard to tell if a footsteps that your hearing are coming from a friend or foe and in my personal experience, good multiplayer games make that difference. Also, visually the game needs to address its light to dark transitions as it is practically impossible to see a player crouched in the darkness when you're coming in from an area with a brighter light.

The Verdict

Of course, this is only the impression that I have after playing the beta. It is not to be taken into consideration or does it in any way represent the value of the final product. I haven't been paid to do this, this is not a sponsored review or promotion, I'm doing this on my own.

So there you have it. Hopefully this helps you tell if the game is to be something that you are looking for to play or something you want to stay away from.